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How does your character, or your story idea embody the element of fire? Think about the elements of your story or the aspects of your idea that represent the element of fire. Fire often represents action,  transmutation, destruction into nothingness, purification and the process of renewal. 

in writing: free yourself from judgement
major key: focus on finding flow

How to present your writing to the world

With the birthing process of writing down the bones nearly complete, it’s time to think about how you’ll share your written word with an excited audience. From eBook creation to on-demand hardcover/paperback book printing, there are many options available for those seeking to self-publish their creative work. 

One way to get started is to submit your written work for publication in your local newspaper and magazines.

You can also search for writing contests online. Look for contests that cater to your preferred genre — fiction, non-fiction, poetry, etc.

Consider creating your own website if you do not have one already. Register for your domain name, and setup your site using WordPress or Squarespace.

Also consider asking friends and colleagues to read and to provide feedback to help sharpen your work! You can also join the Mental Magic Writing challenge and share your story for feedback with our growing community. 

How to be more productive with your creative pursuits

major key: focus on finding flow

It helps to keep your writing centrally organized. Personally, I’m a fan of hand-written notecards with ideas that I tape to the wall around my house. It’s a process that helps engage my subconscious mind with the idea or material that now has my focused attention. At some point in the process, these ideas become scribbled passages in a notebook. And some of those scribbled passages find their way into a new essay or blog post that I type at my computer. 

I use the following software to help track and facilitate my writing:

fuel your writing with daily affirmations

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